Harvest Moon Gems, LLC

Some of our bead stock...


  • Afghanistan & Chilean Lapis
  • Russian seraphinite & charoite
  • sapphire, ruby, emerald
  • rainbow, peach, grey moonstones
  • clear & smokey quartz
  • citrine, peridot, carnelian
  • red, blue, golden tiger eye
  • pink & blue opal
  • rhodochrosite & tourmaline
  • kyanite
  • red, white, & blue coral
  • and so so so much more!!!

welcome to Harvest Moon Gems, LLC!

With so many websites selling beads and jewelry making supplies, choosing a place to purchase can be a challenge. 

Harvest Moon Gems carries only the best.  Our beads are top quality.  Our prices are reasonable and we work hard to make sure each product is treated with great care so when you receive your order, it's exactly as we would expect if we were buying!  


When you purchase with us, you can trust that we'll take care of you.

what's your pleasure?

Stones from all over the world adorn our store.  Can't find it on our website, contact us.  If we don't have it, & it's out there, we'll find it for you!